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Speak Less, Persuade More!
Your ability to be more persuasive - starts with your ability to listen!
I'm glad to see that you are serious about developing your leadership influence! 
The # 1 thing I hear from my client's employees or members is they wished that the leaders would just take the time to listen.   Right there!  That's the fast track to establishing credibility and improving your ability to persuade!
The problem is - we've never been taught HOW to listen and we don't have enough TIME to listen.  But, what if you had a system - a formula that could help you solve that problem?
Well - I know I'm a little biased, but I believe that the Leaders Listen system is just what you need in order to overcome that challenge.
So - I'm sharing it with every person who wants to improve their leadership potential. Get your complimentary copy of the article and the self-study guide today!

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Listening Has Its Benefits...
"Leaders Listen" INCLUDES the 10 Immediate Leadership Benefits of listening.  You will also receive the Self-Study Guide that compliments the video series on YouTube.
Steven Iwersen
A leader and business owner that understands the pressures of leading and the pleasures of developing other leaders. Steven is a keynote speaker and keeps a busy schedule providing leadership training for companies around the country.